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The technical organization of the trips included in this site is the responsibility of the Tour Operators, duly identified and of the MP Incentives, Travel Agency, Lda. RNAVT: 2085. The terms of possible particular conditions, if they exist, prevail over the provisions in the conditions.


MP Incentivos, Agencia de Viagens, Lda. Is a member of the Customer Service Provider of Travel and Tourism Agencies. In order to enjoy this service, you must submit your written complaint to the address: Rua Duque de Palmela, nº 2 - 1º Dto. 1250-098 Lisboa, or by email: Provider @ Providerapavt .with. The Agencies are bound to punctually comply with the decision that may be issued by such entity.

At the time of registration, the customer must deposit 25% of the price of the trip, except for specific situations of the selected operator, paying the remaining 75% up to 21 days before departure. If the registration takes place 21 days or less from the date of departure, the total price of the trip must be paid at the time of registration, which is conditional upon obtaining the suppliers' confirmation of the reservations for all travel services and reconfirmation of the trip. final price. MP Incentivos Agencia de Viajes, Lda. Reserves the right to cancel any registration whose payment has not been made under the conditions mentioned above.


For each reservation, a non-refundable service charge of € 20.00 will be charged.


They will be analyzed case by case, always considering legal penalties and eventual changes of final price. If it is not possible to make the change, the customer will be subject to the expenses and charges set forth in the item "Withdrawals".


The customer may assign his / her registration and be replaced by another person who fulfills all the conditions required for his travel, provided that he informs the selling agency at least 21 days in advance and on condition that the airline or other suppliers accept the change of name. The assignment of the registration jointly blames the transferor and the transferee for the payment of the price of the trip and for the additional charges originated.


1) The client has an obligation to complain to the entity providing the services (company aerial) at the time of subtraction, deterioration or destruction of luggage.
2) In case of damage to the luggage, the complaint must be made in writing to the immediately, after verification of the damage, and a maximum of 7 days from the date of delivery. In the event of a delay in the delivery of the baggage, the claim shall be made within 21 days from the date of delivery.


Where there are other reasons why, the operator may change the order of the routes, modify the departure times or replace any of the hotels provided by others of a similar category. If unforeseen circumstances make it necessary to suspend any travel, customers will always be entitled to reimbursement of the amounts paid.


The prices shown in the program are based on the costs of the services and the exchange rates prevailing at the time of printing of the program and are subject to changes resulting from changes in transport or fuel costs, duties, taxes, exchange rate fluctuations . Whenever there is a change in the price of the trip, the customer will be informed immediately and invited to, within the term established, accept the increase verified or cancel its registration under the terms and conditions provided by the chosen Operator.


Once the trip is started, no refund for unused customer services is due. Failure to provide services provided for in the travel program for causes not attributable to the organizer, and if it is not possible to replace them with other equivalents, gives the customer the right to be reimbursed for the difference between the price of the services provided and those of the services actually rendered .


They may only be considered provided that they are submitted in writing and within a period not exceeding 20 days after the end of the provision of services. Complaints under the Council of the European Union directive can only be accepted if they have been taken over by service providers (carriers, hotels, local agents, etc.) during the course of the journey or stay, requiring them documents proving the occurrence.


The Operator reserves the right to cancel the package if the number of participants is less than the minimum required. In these cases the client will be informed in writing of the cancellation within 8 days in advance, and in this case, there is no civil liability of the agency for termination.


The client must have in good order all his personal or familiar documentation (passports, identity cards, authorizations for minors, visas, certificates of vaccines and others that may be required). Banknotes or birth seats are not valid as a travel document. The organizing agency declines any responsibility for refusing the granting of visas, or refusing permission to enter the client in a foreign country; in these cases the conditions established for the cancellation of the trip are applied, being still of the client's account any and all costs that the situation entails. When traveling in the European Union, clients must be holders of their European Health Insurance Card to obtain medical care.


The issuance of travel documents (airline tickets and vouchers) is subject to contractual terms of group travel and therefore can not be issued well in advance of the date of departure. Under exceptional conditions imposed by suppliers, emissions may have to be anticipated.


During the circuit, seats on the bus will be rotated daily.


Meals included, whether in restaurants or hotels, will be served to the group on a fixed schedule and with the same menu for all participants, and there can be no changes.


The arrival and departure times in each city are indicated in the local time of their country and according to the schedules indicated by the transport companies at the time of printing of the documentation and therefore may change. For trips made totally or partially by bus, the times indicated are approximate. All means of transport include delays due to technical or other reasons related to the means of transport, transport companies or natural causes.


At any moment, the passenger may withdraw from the trip by written communication, being entitled to the return of the amounts paid deducted from the following expenses;
1- Management expenses, are the expenses that the organizing agency and the selling agency have had to obtain the travel reservations and also a percentage that can go up to 15% of the price of the trip (minimum € 25,00 per passenger).
2- Cancellation expenses are non-refundable expenses for hotels, land transport and accompanied visits.
3- Expenses with air tickets when they are subject to specific conditions and can not be reimbursed after they have been issued.


The airport, safety and fuel rates shown were calculated at the time of viewing / printing. Due to constant changes, they are subject to price reconfirmation at the time tickets are issued.


The prices mentioned already reflect the value added tax (VAT) at the current rate.